Org Display Inline Remote Images

· Emacs · Org-mode

Emacs Org-mode is very powerful tool for scientific research. You can manage your script, figures and text all in one place. One problem I have encountered though, is that when I access an .org file with a link to an image hosted on a remote machine, I cannot display that image inline. Here I posted a solution how you may do it.

Multiple Pdflatex Bibtex Calls

· Latex

Often when we need to publish a latex article with updated references/citations, we need to run pdflatex and bibtex alternately for many times. There must be someone else who did this: write a script to repetively call these two functions.

Nested Defaultdict (tree) In Python

· Python

The collections.defaultdict is very useful for well tested code as it cleans up a lot of try-except blocks when dealing with dictionaries. Singly nested dictionary can be done by 1 collections.defaultdict(collections.defaultdict) . But what about multi-layer nested dictionary?

Dotemacs In Org

· Emacs · Org-mode

As time goes, my .emacs file grows so large that I find it difficult to organise, to switch things on/off and document the references where I found solutions for certain tasks. I decided to use Org to organise my .emacs file so that I can have emacs-lisp code and descriptions all in one file with sections.

Map Regridding In Python

· Python

My goal here is to regrid geographical data onto another lat-lon grid. Any library or module needed will be unloaded after the process. I have tested PyFerret and the Python spherical harmonic module (hereafter PySpHarm) and presented here how to implement PyFerret for regridding purpose.

Installing And Building Pyferret

· Python

I needed regridding functions that can conserve area averages and do not generate the artificial Gibbs fringes. There are lots of options, and Ferret/PyFerret being one. And here I present how to get PyFerret and its dependencies installed.